Cristina Jara | Accounting Manager

Cristina Jara

What do you love about your career?

I love my career as an accounting professional as it continues to provide me with the opportunity for continued growth on both a personal and professional level. It allows me to utilize and enhance my problem-solving skills, participate in decision-making and present recommendations, interact and collaborate with my colleagues and clients and display my leadership skills. I also love that my career allows for flexibility and work-life balance. I cherish my family and friends and cannot express enough how important it is for me to have the opportunity to achieve a healthy balance between my career and personal life.

What advice have you received that has helped you in your career?

“You cannot change or control other people, you can only control your actions and thoughts.” This advice has helped me manage some healthy relationships throughout my career. Healthy relationships in the workplace have made my job more enjoyable with less anxiety and higher self-esteem and overall has assisted with my career growth.

What makes a good role model? Have you had one that has made an impact in your life/career?

I have had the pleasure of having a few awesome role models in my life and career: my strong hard-working mother, my favorite grade-school teacher, and a few of my past and current managers and mentors. They provided guidance in how to perform specific tasks and develop useful skills. They provided sound long-standing advice with how to manage healthy relationships. They were enthusiastic about helping me and genuinely cared about my success and went out of their way to help me achieve it. They were able to see more talent within me than I could see in myself and helped bring it out of me.

What are the things that have helped you excel in your life/career?

Having great mentors and leaders, having a positive attitude, embracing new challenges, being a problem-solver, taking initiative, going the extra mile, being flexible, being a good listener, having integrity, understanding my employer’s goals and my manager’s expectations, adapting to change, balancing confidence with humility, mentoring & sharing the knowledge, collaborating, being a team-player, and maintaining a work-life balance have all helped me excel in my career.

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