I genuinely enjoy interacting with people and working hard finding creative ways to solve problems, so investment brokerage is a great way to satisfy both of those. I started my career in tax appeal appraisal in Cook County, which give me a very intimate knowledge of many different property types. My time at PwC gave me the chance to look at real estate from a higher-level and understand how real estate plays a role in mergers and acquisitions of large corporations. The transition to investment brokerage had a steep learning curve but ultimately turned out to be the perfect combination of understanding individual assets and working with sophisticated investors on big deals. I like the fact that there isn’t a single solution to the deals we work on and that we are constantly pushed to expand our thinking, improve our process, and find better ways to serve our clients.

Outside the office I enjoy traveling, reading, spending time with friends and family, CrossFit, golf, fishing, playing and listening to music, smoking cigars, drinking coffee, and trying new bourbons and tequilas.

“Chambers never quit.”

Bill Chambers

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