My life’s mantra: I strive to be grateful and to find the good in others and in any situation every day. That way of thinking has helped me focus on what matters most – taking care of people – whether it’s family, friends, neighbors, colleagues or clients. That mindset has made me a better problem solver and has stretched my imagination in finding solutions that sometimes others haven’t before considered. I chose to become a broker to help clients through their own journeys of growth, expansion and re-organization. Just like each person is an individual, each company is unique in what it needs and in how its shaped by its leadership, operating model, team structure, size and its available resources.

My quest to take care of people led me to learn more about them first and what they needed most. When my daughter was born, I eagerly sought advice from others to improve my skills as a parent. That journey to be a better parent placed me on the path to becoming a Montessori teacher. As a Montessori teacher, I was called a “guide,” and I showed four-year-olds how to add by giving them beads to count. Then they moved on to multiplication by counting in groups of three, four, five or more. I taught young children to read by teaching them to write their first words in cursive, which then led to short sentences and the discovery they could read. Small children developed their powers of concentration by doing chores: washing dishes, sweeping and cutting up fruits and vegetables. In my classroom, children loved learning, enjoyed working hard and behaved calmly while I taught every child one-on-one in rotation. Unorthodox methods and insightful thinking helped children reach their highest potential. I carried those lessons from teaching with me when I began working with a company that owned and operated large apartment complexes. The more people I helped, the more projects I was given and with even bigger problems to fix. Within four years, I was leading property management operations with more than 80 staff, 11 properties and three offices in the United States and the United Kingdom. By helping staff reach their potential, my role grew, and I had achieved my goal.

“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives - choice, not chance, determines your destiny.”


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