I have an old-school work ethic. I see a job through to completion, no matter how much time it may take. I am always open to suggestions from other accountants. No matter how many years of experience I have, I can always learn from others, no matter how many years of experience they have. I take my work seriously and I take ownership of it. My pride won’t allow me to do otherwise.

I try to keep things as loose as I can inside and outside the office with my dry sense of humor. At my age, I’m not as physically active as I would like. I like to spend my leisure time out by the lakefront behind Northwestern U., reading and enjoying the waves coming in. It’s very therapeutic. I do like to get a good bike ride in from time to time. The only problem is, it’s difficult to do these things living in a town with six months of winter. My wife and I have no children, except for a very precocious 5-lb. Yorkshire Terrier, who’s probably too smart for her own good.

“Work hard, respect your co-workers and things will fall into place.”

Louis Woloshin

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T 630 693 0657