Some of my earliest and most fond memories growing up were when my dad would say “come on we’re going to work today.” We would spend those days driving back and forth from construction sites to finished properties with the occasional sought-after Home Depot stop In between. Everything from collecting rent and interacting with current tenants to hanging around construction sites and observing the building process, I was fascinated by all of it. I knew then that one day I wanted to be in Real Estate. It was my junior year at the University of Mississippi that I became particularly interested in Commercial Real Estate and Commercial leasing through an introduction course because there was that sense of familiarity. I continued to enroll in each of those Real Estate courses and was able to obtain it a second major along with Finance. Upon graduation, I had been searching for the right opportunity to break into the world of Commercial Real Estate and I have found it at NAI Hiffman. I am excited to learn each day in this new role and am looking forward to what future holds.

Growing up in Burr Ridge, IL my whole life I was somehow able, upon graduating high school, to call Oxford, MS my new home. This became the best decision I have ever made. I created lifelong friendships and gained a couple good memories and stories along the way. I was able to travel throughout the entire southeast one road trip after another and follow a couple great seasons of Ole Miss Rebel football at home and on the road. Those couple of years taught me how much I really enjoy living outside of my comfort zone and how passionate I am for adventure and meeting new people. There is nothing more important to me than my family and friends and when I’m not working, I’m laughing and spending all my time with them. I also look forward to any time that I can get on the golf course or sit out in the sun and cast a fishing line for an entire day.

“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.”

Tim Fargo

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