Elitza Hyman | Senior Graphic Designer

Elitza Hyman

Why did you decide to go into commercial real estate?

A graphic design background provides the flexibility to work in virtually any industry; when the opportunity came up, I knew that I had transferable skills that could be valuable in the marketing department of a commercial real estate firm. I have always thought of real estate as a great place to learn a lot, face interesting challenges and projects, and further grow my skills.

What was the toughest challenge you faced when you were starting out?

Without prior experience or existing knowledge of commercial real estate, I felt intimidated when I first began working in the industry. While a graphic design background provided a good foundation, the complexity of CRE and the scope of marketing needs was something I had to work to better understand in order to better apply my skills as a designer.

What resources have been invaluable to you?

The knowledge base of everyone I work with has been extremely helpful in diving into the unknown world of CRE. Asking questions, taking notes and being open to learn has been a lot of help over the last couple of years.