Make an Impression.

Our award-winning in-house marketing team creates compelling, creative, and innovative materials at below-market costs to owners. Whether you require a new property logo or a comprehensive marketing strategy and budget, or a complete tenant communication plan, our professionals possess a broad yet highly-specialized skill set to ensure your asset is noticed by your target audience and communicated to effectively.

Our team is an integral part of our approach and philosophy, and an invaluable resource for clients who engage with any of our services.

What's The Big Idea?

The best marketing projects take an unconventional approach or an unexpected perspective. Whether through striking images or video, humor, wit, or implementation of different forms of media or technological innovation, a creative approach can elevate any project. Our experienced and innovative team is equipped and empowered to pursue ideas to help our clients’ projects stand out from the crowd.


Property Marketing

The NAI Hiffman Marketing Services team can develop full branding and collateral packages, proposing new brand concepts, logos, fonts and colors for the building marketing, then refine and deliver a new message to be incorporated in custom-designed brochures, signage and other collateral materials.

Every NAI Hiffman listed property includes a standard leasing website through the NAI Hiffman and NAI Global property listing features, including property highlights, photos, siteplans and documents, as well as inclusion in the CoStar database.

Our Marketing Services team can also create a tailored website with a custom domain name to display property marketing, specs,  siteplans and documents. The site can also include tenant-facing pages for building events and can integrate with NAI Hiffman’s Property Management team’s work order system, providing transparent communication within the properties we lease and manage on your behalf.


Tenant Communications

The NAI Hiffman marketing team supports the Property Management team in every aspect of building operations. We work hand-in-hand with the Brokerage and Property Management teams to deliver seamless communications to the market as well as the tenants. With a focus on community within the building and out, our team crafts programs and communications to promote ownership, contribute to local philanthropic organizations and celebrate seasons and activities throughout the year.

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