We're a Top Workplace Because We Have the Top Workers.

Hiffman recognizes that a company’s character, reputation and work ethic are all the result of the work of individuals and teams. The company makes a concerted effort to listen to employees’ suggestions, continually look for ways to improve, and seek opportunities to strengthen our community and our work relationships. While good people can instinctively build a strong work environment, Hiffman recognizes that fostering events and engagement is the key to a lasting, diverse, strong and vibrant company culture.


We Listen.

Hiffman participates in annual company surveys to gather anonymous employee feedback and suggestions for improvement. The program has transformed elements of our internal communications strategy, our benefits package and other company policies and in recent years. Hiffman is the proud recipient of The Chicago Tribune and Crain’s Chicago’s Top Workplaces designations, as well as the USA Top Workplace award. Leadership continually works as hard to maintain our reputation for integrity with our internal employees as with our external clients.

We Celebrate Success.

Our “Trusted” Award is an employee recognition program that elevates and rewards individuals nominated by their peers for extraordinary work and positive contributions.

We Have Fun Together.

From our annual summer outing to our holiday luncheon and our all-company informational meetings, Hiffman understands the importance of reinforcing the connection between our people and our various business lines.

The Hiffman Culture and Diversity Committee is a dedicated group of employees tasked with organizing social and charitable activities. Our events bring our employees together for activities including Trivia Night, karaoke, Paint Night, volunteer opportunities and more. We host incentivized wellness programs to promote a healthy lifestyle. And our celebratory lunches and parties intended to provide a refreshing break throughout the year – sometimes to celebrate achievements, and sometimes for no reason at all.