Jennifer Panegasser | Assistant Controller

Jennifer Panegasser

Why did you decide to go into commercial real estate?

I fell into commercial real estate accidentally and have never looked back. I found a part-time Accounting Associate position at a small real estate development firm after being a stay-at-home mom for 11 years. I raised my hand at every opportunity to be part of a project or discussion and was able to grow my understanding and ability to contribute by doing so. I’ve taken that approach in each position and company I’ve worked for since, each time expanding my understanding of the field I’ve chosen and all the nuances that come with it. Now in a leadership role, I work extremely hard to make sure I notice and take the time to help grow someone else’s knowledgebase and have found in doing so, continue to expand on my own.

What resources have been invaluable to you?

I have been lucky enough in my career to work with and alongside numerous talented, smart and caring people, many of them women! The ability to collaborate, listen to and work with such a wealth of knowledge and different experiences is extraordinarily inspiring and has aided in my growth as an accountant, as a mentor and as a leader in commercial real estate.