November 2017

Meet the Pros | Dan Leahy

Originally featured by NAI Global

Meet the Pros

NAI Global’s Meet the Pros is a collection of interviews with a professional from an NAI office. Dan Leahy, Executive Vice President with our Industrial Brokerage group was recently featured in the Q&A.

Top Producer Profile | Dan Leahy

Specialty: Logistics/Industrial Services

How long have you been in Commercial Real Estate? 20 years

What made you go into the field? I cold called our Chairman, Dennis Hiffman, and asked if he would mind telling me about the industry. He guided me to industrial real estate where I was a Junior Broker for one of the top producers in the firm.

If you are a broker, why did you choose to join an NAI office? The NAI platform is the best of all worlds as it gives me the best local knowledge on an international scale.

How has being part of NAI Global impacted your business and your ability to become a top-producer? It has allowed me to be a single source service provider to continually deliver top service to my clients.

Do you make it an annual goal to become one of the top 10 producers in a global company? If yes, why? If no, what are your goals? YES – this is a very competitive industry that allows you to be well compensated based on how smart, strategic and hard you work.

What is the biggest commercial real estate challenge you’re currently seeing in your local market? We see absorption slowing down with the capital providers still wanting to allocate dollars to construct new speculative product.

How is your brokerage setting itself apart from its competitors? Or, how is being part of NAI setting yourself apart from your competitors? For the last 20 years I have focused on being a resource to the transportation & logistics industry.

What is the most enjoyable part of your job?  Every transaction is different with its own set of challenges.

If you had one piece of advice that you could give to aspiring brokers, what would it be? All you have in this business is your time and reputation. Take a long-term approach and work smart.

Rapid-fire Questions:

Mac or PC? Both
iPhone or Android? iPhone
Coffee or Tea? Neither
Pizza or Quinoa? Pizza


Dan Leahy
Executive Vice President, Industrial Brokerage

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