Prior to joining Hiffman in November of 2018, I worked in the asset management and hedge fund industry. I gained valuable experience from the work, however I just felt as if I were a cog in the machine with no real voice and direction for growth. I decided to make the jump to Hiffman because of its position in the real estate industry as well as a little coercion from a couple members of the accounting team. The work is both challenging and rewarding and I can definitely say I made the right move.

If I weren’t working in accounting, I’d probably be teaching math and coaching a few sports at the high school level. Simply put; I’m a numbers person. Math has always come easy to me and I can “see” things in the numbers that allow me to excel as an accountant. Just because I like numbers doesn’t mean I don’t like people, though. I’ve always enjoyed getting to know my peers and colleagues and learning from them while also sharing my knowledge where possible.

“Be uncommon amoung uncommon men.”

David Googins

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