I don’t recall a time in my life when Building Management was not a part of my life. As a young child, I would go to work with my Dad who was the Chief Engineer of a building that housed the corporate headquarters for a local property management firm. Through that experience, I learned at a young age about building systems, processes and the value of customer service. As I grew in my career, I found that my passion for the industry and my love for people were best put to use in leadership roles. At Hiffman, I have been given the opportunity to combine my experience and education to help lead and guide our management department. It is so exciting to work closely with so many teams sharing my experience and knowledge while assisting in the development and happiness of our employees.

I come from a very large family in which over 20 of us work within the Commercial Real Estate world. Sharing this connection with my Dad, brothers, uncles and cousins is something that I truly treasure. Family is something that means everything to me, we spend a lot of time with family on weekends and holidays. In my free time I love spending time with my kids, nieces and nephews watching movies, shopping and finding fun activities to do together. I enjoy being outdoors and taking walks with my dog and whoever is up for joining that day. I have recently been enjoying time in the City visiting my daughter at college.

“Leaders instill in their people a hope for success and a belief in themselves. Positive leaders empower people to accomplish their goals.”


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