Before joining NAI Hiffman, I was a salesperson for CINTAS and then mortgages. I enjoyed sales since you were out of the office, getting in front of people and learning to adapt to different communication styles, learning about their business and how I could help them. I was then able to adapt these skills to real estate but the difference now is that I get a consistent paycheck and I still get to meet all sorts of people and get to see parts of the Chicagoland area I probably would have never visited. I had some good mentors when I was learning the business and I strive to teach the next generation of commercial real estate professionals. I thoroughly enjoy placing a smile on people faces and managing an asset and maximizing NOI & value for our tenants and clients.

I enjoy spending time with family and friends. My hobbies would be music, fantasy sports, golf and traveling to warm climates.

“Be the best you can be.”


Contact Info

T 630 317 0767