I have always enjoyed mathematics, numbers and problem solving since I can remember. Other than PE and lunch, math classes were my favorite. I like the rules and theories of math and of course, the solutions. The summer between junior and senior year of high school, I attended basic training for the Army National Guard and went on to serve from 1987-1994 as a Sgt. in the Illinois Army National Guard. The military was a perfect fit for me, you follow orders and rules and serve others and your country. Serving in the military instilled my beliefs that honor, hard work and integrity make me who I am. I use these principles in my career by providing excellent service to our clients at NAI Hiffman. I worked for twenty years before joining the NAI Hiffman team and find that this group of people all share a commitment to hard work, integrity, team spirit and a desire to be the best in our industry. I look forward to my future as an integral part of the accounting team at NAI Hiffman.

I am often called quiet or perceived to be shy by those who don’t know me well. While I am someone who chooses his words wisely, I like to think I am thoughtful. If you played a set of volleyball with me, or caught me watching my boys play competitively over the years, you might be shocked to see my very competitive and aggressive side. Truth is, no one likes to lose and I definitely prefer to win! My competitiveness can also be seen in family trivia games, cards, or maybe even a bit on I-55. If I were not an accountant, I might be a police officer following the footsteps of my father. I believe that my focus and dedication to solving problems would have made me an excellent detective.

“It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.”

Mark Twain

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