Property Management just fell into my lap, it wasn’t on my radar as a potential career. My first job out of college, I was working for a law firm in the city. I didn’t have a legal background, I was at a dead end job that I had no interest in being at (I went to school and studied finance). I spent my nights searching for something that would interest me. If I heard of an intriguing company name, I would go home and research it. While driving, I would always see these big signs next to buildings saying “NAI Hiffman.” Curious about the name, I looked into the company. I started with the company as a Property Assistant. A couple years later I moved to the Operations side of Property Management – helping implement policies and procedures; being able to assist in making the Property Management teams’ as efficient and effective as they can be. Being able to feel like your making a difference at your job every single day, is rewarding. The whirlwind that is commercial real estate is ever changing and won’t stop. That’s why it is so exciting to be in this job with this company in this industry!

Outside of work consists of being with my family as much as possible. Whether it be with my husband and daughter or my nieces and nephews. I love watching my daughter grow and explore new things.

“Eat cake.”


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T 630 382 8643