My career in Commercial Real Estate was an evolution I never could have imagined. It all began as an office manager for a CPA who owned trailer parks on the side to managing office, industrial and retail properties for various private and third party management companies. There are consistently challenges and issues, and I look forward to using creativity to resolve them every day.

My life outside of work has always been busy. I prefer long weekends over taking whole weeks so I can do more trips. I have lots of family in Central Illinois, Ohio and California, so I am always planning a trip somewhere to stay in touch. Besides traveling to see family, I love to golf. I met my husband in my golf league and have many friends because of golf. During the Winter, I am in a fun, non-competitive bowling league to stay active. I’ve always got something creative going on as well. Anything from designing t-shirts for one of our family events to putting together a photo album or book, or organizing family or friend gatherings. Life is good and busy!

“Always do the best job you possibly can.”


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