When I was finishing up my college degree, I had no idea what a Property Manager was. I was working as a temporary receptionist the summer before I graduated and I was offered the opportunity to work in one location for the whole summer which was very rare in the temporary help world. I jumped at the chance to work in an office that was fun and close to the train. The plus was that I could also save up much needed cash before I went back to school in the Fall. Little did I know at the ripe old age of 22 that I was headed toward more than just a summer job. I temped for that small retail property management firm for the summer and they were so happy with my work that they reached out to me when I finished my last final exam and offered me a full time position. When many of my classmates were struggling to find jobs, I was walking to the office from the train the Monday morning after my last exam. I enjoyed what I was doing but knew that with such a small firm, the opportunities would be few and far between so I moved onward and upward and joined larger firms with wonderful opportunities for growth managing office buildings in the Chicago suburbs. When the opportunity came my way to join CenterPoint Properties and learn all about industrial real estate I took the chance and it changed my life. I’ve learned that managing industrial real estate is my niche. I can really relate to the tenants and I love learning what they do and how they fit in to the consumer world. I love solving problems and making someone’s day just a little easier. When I was attending college, I had hopes of becoming a high school English teacher. Even though my life took a different path, I have the opportunity every day to work with my team and teach them what I know about industrial real estate, problem solving and client relationships. Not every day is rewarding but the overall sense of accomplishment is more than many can say for their jobs.

I am a Mom of two growing boys. Despite the tween and teen angst going on in my house, I love spending every free moment I have with my husband and my boys. We attend sporting events when we can and love to go to flea markets and fairs to see what treasures we can find. I am an avid Cub fan since birth and a more recent Blackhawk fan. I enjoy watching every Cub game that I can and usually my 10 year old son will join me and we talk about the game and baseball in general. I also love spending time with my parents and my two brothers. We are loud and obnoxious but our family is full of love and fun. I love to get everyone together over a meal and tell old stories and laugh together. It is a nice way to unwind after a long week. We also rescued a Cavapoo named Cooper last year and I love taking long walks with him in the evening to relax after a long day. He’s the best listener in my house and he never talks back!

Michelle Grana
“There are no limits to what you can accomplish except the limits you place on your own thinking.”

Brian Tracy

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