Real estate is something I have enjoyed since I was a little kid. I always enjoyed being in the city, being around high-rise buildings and the energy that a big city gives off. Selling real estate and helping clients with their needs is so fulfilling. It isn’t always the biggest deals that are most rewarding, but the ones that were very hard and hopefully in the end helped a client solve a problem. Real estate is one of the last industries that anyone can get into and if they are hardworking, honest and good at what they do they can make a very nice living.

I’ve been around real estate my whole life. My folks owned apartment buildings and they built the occasional spec house, so real estate was always present in my life from a very early age. I started working with my dad at “the buildings” when I was very young and actually started helping him cut grass when I was in third grade – he cut 35 lawns on the south side as a side business. One of his clients was the Jackson family of Michael Jackson fame. If I weren’t a broker, I would probably be a residential home developer, since I used to be a carpenter. In my late 20’s I developed a 10 home subdivision and built two industrial buildings on spec but then the economy took a nasty turn, so I focused on brokerage and at that time further refined my focus to just industrial investments. I love to travel, read, spend time with the family, and I also enjoy music, especially going to concerts – I really enjoy live shows. I truly love being a broker, the real estate industry has so many incredible people and I enjoy meeting new people and all the relationships I’ve developed over the years.

“Anything is possible.”


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