I am that guy who went to school learning about networking and next thing you know I have an entire network built in my rec room, testing and simulating everything making sure I knew everything there was to know without thinking how to do something. Eat, sleep, networking.

My life revolves around being a network engineer, my family, and of course fishing. I fish literally every day, of course after work. There have been times I would go fishing at lunch across the street from work using topwater baits for largemouth bass. I travel all over the country and every year down to the Everglades fishing for bass and an occasional gator. Motorcycle riding is second to fishing. Cruising in the wind through areas such as the Appalachian mountains and the Smokies and taking in the scenery. Cruising classic cars and Muscle cars at top speeds is indescribable.

“If there is something you want in life, you have to go get it. Nothing is free.”

My father, Jose Camacho, Jr.

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