Though I never liked math in high school, I always found myself getting the best grades all throughout college on this subject. I never thought to myself that I would find a passion in Accounting, because I received my degree in a different field. Accounting is more than just numbers, and my role has shown me that it’s also about paying strong attention to detail and accuracy. I enjoy supporting a group of accountants on their daily tasks. It makes me feel like I play a great part of their day by assisting them on their hefty agenda.

I love traveling with my significant other at least once a year. We have gone to Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and quite a few states as well. I have two American Bullies at home who are my ‘Fur Babies’ and we like to spend time together running after a ball, taking road trips, and watching the snow come down as we are in front of the fireplace under some blankets. Outside of Hiffman, I am a dance instructor for a group fitness center. I teach the latest pop and hip/hop choreography and get a workout in while having fun. I also enjoy lifting heavy weights and working out with my friends.

“I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me”

Joshua Graham