Before becoming a broker, I worked in the third-party logistics and transportation industry for several years. That experience gave me some tools and insight that I use all the time now in service of my clients in regard to warehousing, supply-chain networks and site selection. I found my niche in industrial brokerage, particularly, after joining NAI Hiffman in 2015. The entrepreneurial aspect of the business means that I can make a direct impact for my clients. I always focus on communication, responsiveness and honesty, and it’s an approach that brings results. I became a partner/shareholder at NAI Hiffman in 2019, which was both an honor and a personal milestone, but also a continuing challenge to succeed on behalf of my clients, my family and my colleagues.

If I weren’t a broker, I’d be taking my shot on the professional bass fishing circuit. If I weren’t in Chicago, I’d be living somewhere much, much warmer. I love my job, though, and working as an industrial broker in this market is fascinating, challenging and rewarding. I’ve had an independent and competitive streak since I was young, and I gravitate toward hobbies, projects and work where I can succeed through focus and hard work. I was about seven years old the first time I fished; I was at a lake with six or seven of my cousins. One of the adults brought a single fishing pole for the group to share, but I wasn’t interested in waiting around. The fervor eventually died down, my cousins lost interest, and I decided to give it a shot. I remember thinking to myself, “I’m going to catch more fish than everyone, combined,” and I stood on the dock for literally two hours. That still sums me up pretty well – I can’t say exactly where it came from, but I’ve got an interior drive like a little personal trainer in my head that gets me going and won’t let me rest until I’ve solved a problem, or reached a goal I’ve set for myself.

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity; the optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.”

Winston Churchill

Professional Background & Experience

Terry Herlihy is an Executive Vice President with the Industrial Services Group at NAI Hiffman. His experience includes representing tenant, buyers, and property owners throughout the Chicagoland area in an effort to help maximize their real estate’s value. Terry’s previous background in third party logistics and transportation helps offer insight into warehousing, supply chain networks, and site selection.

Professional Affiliations & Designations

Illinois Licensed Real Estate Broker

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Air Sea Transport | Arrive Logistics | Axon Cable | Distribution Realty Group | Everwest Real Estate Investors | JK Global | Olam International | Westmount Realty Capital | Yahee Tech


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