Consistent. Accurate. Trusted.

Hiffman National provides reliable property management, accounting and project management services for clients across the United States. Our diligent team, supported by our proven platform, provide comprehensive oversight and thorough communication, ensuring maximum value and efficiency.

Hiffman National’s origin story is a true tale of “organic growth”. NAI Hiffman is Chicago’s largest provider of third-party management and leasing services. Clients who appreciated our service in the Chicago market requested that we employ our platform to replicate those services in other locales. That step was reasonable and logical, so we did it. Then we did it again, and again, and noticed both a trend and a clear need from the customer for a higher level of service, collaboration and overall attention. We created a dedicated entity – Hiffman National – to focus on clients and assets across the country. And now we operate seamlessly from our Chicago headquarters, delivering our proven management platform and providing the reliable service and efficiency upon which we have built our reputation.

We are planners, we are problem-solvers, and we are proud of what we’ve achieved and what we will accomplish with our current and future clients. Is there an asset or a project in your portfolio that would benefit from our attention?


A Proven Platform

Hiffman National is a home-grown solution to a recurring problem – the need for accurate, responsive and reliable commercial real estate services. The company grew from NAI Hiffman, the Midwest’s leading provider of third-party management and leasing services. Our platform evolved in the early 2000’s, experiencing exponential growth as the powerful combination of people and platform fostered trust among our expanding client base.

What makes Hiffman National different? At the heart of our service philosophy are a commitment to improving tenants’ workplace experience and an owners’ perspective – we understand the drivers of value in commercial real estate. We know where to look for cost savings and revenue generation. We understand the factors that drive tenant satisfaction and leasing success. We are mindful of risk factors to both physical facilities and assets’ financial health. Most of all, our experience brings an understanding of the complexity of all aspects of commercial real estate and an understanding of the detailed work required for smooth, efficient operation.

Hiffman National understands that success comes from the combination of a robust platform with a talented, dedicated group of people who are fully supported by our corporate structure. We’d love to discuss how our platform can benefit your real estate strategy.

Covering Your Assets.

Property Management

Experienced, diligent property management contributes directly to assets’ bottom-line performance. From tenant satisfaction to day-to-day facility performance, liability and budgetary monitoring, the Hiffman National team works on owners’ behalf to ensure stability and efficiency.


Backed by proven systems and award-winning accuracy, Hiffman National accounting services guarantee peace of mind. Timely, consistent, checked and double-checked – we do more than dot the i’s and cross the t’s, we cover the entire suite of accounting services.

Project Services

From concept to execution, seasoned Hiffman National project managers monitor every aspect of capital projects large and small. Our detailed approach examines bids, plans, timelines and budgets, acting as a reliable advisor and providing a steady guiding hand for any project.

Hiffman National Inquiries

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